Unconventional Gas Reservoirs
Evaluation, Appraisal, and Development


 by :

 M. Rafiqul Islam

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 Gulf Professional Publishing

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Locate and magnify your unconventional gas reservoirs with this must-have handbook


Key Features

  • Gain practical insights and tools to efficiently identify, appraise, and develop unconventional gas reservoirs
  • Understand various techniques used to analyze reservoir parameters and performance as well as how they were applied to numerous real-world case studies
  • Upgrade to the latest information on perspectives and insights with discussion of key differences used for todays unconventional gas characterization versus original conventional methods that failed in the past


Natural gas, especially unconventional gas, has an increasingly important role in meeting the world's energy needs. Experts estimate that it has the potential to add anywhere from 60-250% to the global proven gas reserve in the next two decades. To maintain pace with increasing global demand, Unconventional Gas Reservoirs provides the necessary bridge into the newer processes, approaches and designs to help identify these more uncommon reservoirs available and how to maximize its unconventional potential.

Loaded with reservoir development and characterization strategies, this book will show you how to:

  • Recognize the challenges and opportunities surrounding unconventional gas reservoirs
  • Distinguish among the various types of unconventional reservoirs, such as shale gas, coalbed methane, and tight gas formations
  • Drill down and quantify the reservoirs economic potential and other critical considerations


Reservoir Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Geoscientists, Unconventional Asset Managers, Completion Engineers, and Drilling Engineers


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: World Gas Reserve and the Role of Unconventional Gas

Chapter 3: Important Features of Unconventional Gas

Chapter 4: Future Potential of Unconventional Gas: Challenges and Opportunities

Chapter 5: Reservoir Characterization of Unconventional Gas Formations

Chapter 6: Scientific Characterization of Unconventional Gas Reservoirs

Chapter 7: Overview of Reservoir Simulation of Unconventional Reservoirs

Chapter 8: Economic Outlook and Conclusions

Chapter 9: References and Bibliography


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