Solar Photovoltaic Cells
Photons to Electricity


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 Alexander P. Kirk

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 Academic Press

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 A technical and detailed guide for engineers, outlining the resource, processes and scalability of solar electricity


Key Features

  • Provides a compact and focused discussion of solar photovoltaics and solar electricity generation.
  • Helps you understand the limits of solar PV and be able to predict future trends.
  • Quantitative examples help you grasp the scope of solar PV and the challenges and opportunities of producing electricity from a renewable resource.


Solar Photovoltaic Cells: Photons to Electricity outlines our need for photovoltaics - a field which is exploding in popularity and importance. This concise book provides a thorough understanding of solar photovoltaic cells including how these devices work, what can be done to optimize the technology, and future trends in the marketplace. This book contains a detailed and logical step-by-step explanation of thermodynamically-consistent solar cell operating physics, a comparison of advanced multi-junction CPV power plants versus combined-cycle thermal power plants in the framework of energy cascading, and a discussion of solar cell semiconductor resource limitations and the scalability of solar electricity as we move forward. Quantitative examples allow the reader to understand the scope of solar PV and the challenges and opportunities of producing clean electricity.


Senior undergraduate and graduate students in Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering; Sustainability; academic professionals; solar industry professionals; government lab scientists; government funding agency managers; energy industry consultants; policy makers. 


1. Energy demand and solar electricity

2. From nuclear fusion to sunlight

3. Device operation

4. Energy cascading

5. Resource demands and PV integration

6. Image Gallery

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