Energy Storage for Smart Grids
Planning and Operation for Renewable and Variable Energy Resources (VERs)


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 Pengwei Du, Ning Lu

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 Academic Press

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 16 x 24

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 $ 149.00



This analysis of cutting-edge technologies demonstrates how energy storage can be economically implemented.


Key Features

  • Connects the latest research findings in energy storage with strategies for economical and practical implementation in grid systems
  • Brings together diverse knowledge resources in one comprehensive volume covering all major storage technologies, explained by experts from the world's leading research institutions
  • Includes detailed data analysis from field tests and simulations to help planners and engineers choose the storage method that will add the most value to their grid operations


Energy storage is a main component of any holistic consideration of smart grids, particularly when incorporating power derived from variable, distributed and renewable energy resources. Energy Storage for Smart Grids delves into detailed coverage of the entire spectrum of available and emerging storage technologies, presented in the context of economic and practical considerations.

Featuring the latest research findings from the worlds foremost energy storage experts, complete with data analysis, field tests, and simulation results, this book helps device manufacturers develop robust business cases for the inclusion of storage in grid applications. It also provides the comparisons and explanations grid planners and operators need to make informed decisions about which storage solutions will be most successful when implemented in operational grids.


Researchers, engineers and scientists working with renewable energy, energy storage and/or grid transmission, power systems planners and operators, energy storage engineers and designers


1. Energy Storage for Mitigating the Variability of Renewable Electricity Sources 


2. Assessment of Revenue Potentials of Ancillary Service Provision by Flexible Unit Portfolios 


3. Value of NAS Energy Storage Toward Integrating Wind: Results From the Wind to Battery Project


4. Application Experiences for Energy Storage: International Experiences


5. Impact of Energy Storage on Cascade Mitigation in Multi-Energy Systems 


6. Incorporating Short Term Stored Energy Resource into MISO Energy and Ancillary Service Market and Development of Performance Based Regulation Payment


7. A Novel Market Simulation Methodology on Hydro Storage


8. Reliability impact of energy storage integration with intelligent operation strategy 


9. V2G Capacity Estimation Using Dynamic EV Scheduling 


10. A Decentralized Storage Strategy for Residential Feeders with Photovoltaics 


11. Operation of Independent Large-Scale Battery Storage Systems in Energy and Reserve Markets

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