Wearable Sensors
Fundamentals, Implementation and Applications


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 Edward Sazonov, Michael R. Neuman (Edit)

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 Academic Press

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Key Features

  • Provides the first comprehensive resource of all currently used wearable devices in an accessible and structured manner.
  • Helps engineers manufacture wearable devices with information on current technologies, with a focus on end user needs and recycling requirements.
  • Combines the expertise of professionals and academics in one practical and applied source.


Written by industry experts, this book aims to provide you with an understanding of how to design and work with wearable sensors. Together these insights provide the first single source of information on wearable sensors that would be a valuable addition to the library of any engineer interested in this field.


Wearable Sensors covers a wide variety of topics associated with the development and application of various wearable sensors. It also provides an overview and coherent summary of many aspects of current wearable sensor technology. 

Both industry professionals and academic researchers will benefit from this comprehensive reference which contains the most up-to-date information on the advancement of lightweight hardware, energy harvesting, signal processing, and wireless communications and networks. Practical problems with smart fabrics, biomonitoring and health informatics are all addressed, plus end user centric design, ethical and safety issues.


Practicing engineers in the area of medical and wearable devices, academic researchers and graduate students.


1.1. Wearables: Fundamentals, Advancements, and a Roadmap for the Future
> Sungmee Park, Kyunghee Chung, Sundaresan Jayaraman
1.2. Social Aspects of Wearability and Interaction
> Lucy Dunne, Halley Profita, Clint Zeagler
1.3. Wearable Haptics
> Yuichi Kurita

2.1. Wearable Bio and Chemical Sensors
> Shirley Coyle, Vincenzo F. Curto, Fernando Benito-Lopez, Larisa Florea, Dermot Diamond
2.2. Wearable Inertial Sensors and Their Applications
> Toshiyo Tamura
2.3. Application of Optical Heart Rate Monitoring
> Mathieu Lemay, Mattia Bertschi, Josep Sola, Philippe Renevey, Jakub Parak, Ilkka Korhonen
2.4. Measurement of Energy Expenditure by Body-worn Heat-flow Sensors
> Neil Szuminsky, John Dykstra, Ed Melanson

3.1. Knitted Electronic Textiles
> Rita Paradiso, Laura Caldani, Maria Pacelli
3.2. Woven Electronic Textiles
> Tomohiro Kuroda, Hideya Takahashi, Atsuji Masuda
3.3. Flexible Electronics from Foils to Textiles: Materials, Devices, and Assembly
> Giovanni Salvatore, Gerhard Tröster

4.1. Energy Harvesting at the Human Body
> Loreto Mateu, Tobias Dräger, Iker Mayordomo, Markus Pollak
4.2. Introduction to RF Energy Harvesting
> W.A. Serdijn, A.L.R. Mansano, M. Stoopman
4.3. Low-Power Integrated Circuit Design for Wearable Biopotential Sensing
> Sohmyung Ha, Chul Kim, Yu M. Chi, Gert Cauwenberghs
5.1. Wearable Algorithms: An Overview of a Truly Multi-Disciplinary Problem
> Guangwei Chen, Esther Rodriguez-Villegas, Alexander J. Casson
5.2. Mining Techniques for Body Sensor Network Data Repository
> Vitali Loseu, Jian Wu, Roozbeh Jafari
5.3. Modeling Physical Activity Behavior Change
> Edmund Seto, Ruzena Bajcsy

6.1. Human Body Communication for a High Data Rate Sensor Network
> Jung-Hwan Hwang, Chang-Hee Hyoung
6.2. Channel Models for On-Body Communications
> H.G. Sandalidis, I. Maglogiannis
6.3. Trust Establishment in Wireless Body Area Networks
> Shucheng Yu, Ming Li, Lu Shi
6.4. Wireless Body Area Networks
> Paolo Barsocchi, Francesco Potortì

7.1. Fundamentals of Wearable Sensors for the Monitoring of Physical and Physiological Changes in Daily Life
> Masaaki Makikawa, Naruhiro Shiozawa, Shima Okada
7.2. Wearing Sensors Inside and Outside of the Human Body for the Early Detection of Diseases
> Carmen C.Y. Poon, Yali Zheng, Ningqi Luo, Xiaorong Ding, Yuan Ting Zhang
7.3. Wearable and Non-Invasive Assistive Technologies
> Maysam Ghovanloo, Xueliang Huo
7.4. Detection and Characterization of Food Intake by Wearable Sensors
> Juan M. Fontana, Edward Sazonov

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