Textiles and Fashion
Materials, Design and Technology


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 Rose Sinclair (Edit)

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 Woodhead Publishing

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A comprehensive overview of of fundamental topics in textiles for college students, undergraduates and industry professionals.


Key Features

Provides comprehensive coverage of the types and properties of textile fibres to yarn and fabric manufacture, fabric finishing, apparel production and fashion.

Focused on the needs of college and undergraduate students studying textiles or fashion courses.

Each chapter ends with a summary to emphasise key points, a comprehensive self-review section, and project ideas are also provided.


This major textbook is designed for students studying textiles and fashion at higher and undergraduate level, as well as those needing a comprehensive and authoritative overview of textile materials and processes. The first part of the book reviews the main types of natural and synthetic fibres and their properties. Part two provides a systematic review of the key processes involved first in converting fibres into yarns and then transforming yarns into fabrics. Part three discusses the range of range of finishing techniques for fabrics. The final part of the book looks specifically at the transformation of fabric into apparel, from design and manufacture to marketing. With contributions from leading experts in their fields, this major book provides the definitive one-volume guide to textile manufacture.


Part I Fibre types

1 Understanding textile fibres and their properties: What is a textile fibre?

R. Sinclair, Goldsmiths, University of London, London


2 Natural textile fibres: vegetable fibres

C.Yu, Dong Hua University, China


3 Natural textile fibres: animal and silk fibres
K. M. Babu, Bapuji Institute of Engineering Technology, India


4 Synthetic textile fibres: regenerated cellulose fibres

J. Chen, University of Texas at Austin, USA

5 Synthetic textile fibres: polyamide, polyester and aramid fibres
B. L. Deopura, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India and N. V. Padaki, Central Silk Technological Research Institute, India


6 Synthetic textile fibres: polyolefin, elastomeric and acrylic fibres

R. R. Mather, Heriot-Watt University, UK


7 Synthetic textile fibres: non-polymer fibres

M. Shioya and T. Kikutani, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan


Part II Manufacturing textiles: yarn to fabric

8 Conversion of fibre to yarn: an overview

R. Alagirusamy and A. Das, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India


9 Fibre to yarn: staple yarn spinning

I. A. Elhawary, Alexandria University, Egypt


10 Fibre to yarn: filament yarn spinning

C. Lawrence, University of Leeds, UK


11 Yarn to fabric: weaving

S. Stankard, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia


12 Yarn to fabric: knitting

E. J. Power, University of Huddersfield, UK


13 Yarn to fabric: nonwoven fabrics

N. Mao and S. J. Russell, University of Leeds, UK


14 Yarn to fabric: specialist fabric structures

R. H. Gong, The University of Manchester, UK


15 Yarn to fabric: intelligent textiles

H. Mattila, Tampere University of Technology, Finland


Part III Fabric finishing and applications

16 Fabric finishing: joining fabrics using stitched seams

J. McLoughlin and A. Mitchell, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK


17 Fabric finishing: fastenings

A. Mitchel andl J. McLoughlin, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK


18 Fabric finishing: pre-treatment/textile wet processing

P. J. Hauser, North Carolina State University, USA


19 Fabric finishing: dyeing and colouring

P. R. Richards, Richtex Textile Consultancy, UK


20 Fabric finishing: printing textiles

H. Ujiie, Philadelphia University, USA


21 Applications of textile products

K. Canavan, University of Wales Institute Cardiff, UK


22 Sustainable textile production

M. Tomaney, University for the Creative Arts Epsom, UK 


Part IV Developing textile products: the case of apparel


23 Fashion and culture: social change, culture and fashion in Europe

C. Ryder, Liverpool John Moores University, UK


24 Fashion and culture: global culture and fashion

C. Ryder, Liverpool John Moores University, UK


25 Fashion and the fashion industry

L. Drew, Glasgow school of Art, UK and R. Sinclair, Goldsmiths University of London, UK


26 Design techniques for

J. Gaimster, London College of Fashion, UK


27 Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) of apparel and other textile products

S. Burke, Burke Publishing, UK and R. Sinclair, Goldsmiths University of London, UK


28 Adding functionality to garments

L. Hunter, CSIR and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa; and J. Fan, Cornell University, USA


29 Improving the comfort of garments

L. Hunter, CSIR and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa; and J. Fan, Cornell University, USA


30 The marketing of fashion

K. McKelvey, Northumbria University, UK


31 The care of apparel products

R. K. Nayak and R Padhye, RMIT University, Australia


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